Why I Buy A New Laptop Every Year

So it happened again.  Another Laptop of mine broke.  This time it was one of the most expensive laptops I have bought in a long time and it completely broke.  Usually they stop working as usable laptops but they still continue to function somewhat so they can still be used for projects or something.  But this time it completely stopped working for some odd reason that I can’t figure out and can only be used to harvest parts from.  I bought an external USB 3.0 drive bay for the SSD and was planning to harvest the RAM to use with my new laptop but unfortunately the new one I bought has the RAM soldered to the motherboard and is not upgrade-able.

This computer was a Dell Latitude 13 inch model that I really liked.  I got a really good deal on it because it was refurbished – something that I expect added to its inevitable downfall.  Since I got it there were small problems here and there.  First of all the case started to deteriorate in strange ways, I had to fill in gaps that started to form in the corners and other areas with super glue so that it would not completely fall apart.  And this was not the first refurbished laptop that I purchased that I had problems with.  Nor was it the last – the laptop that I just purchased was a refurbished Dell product as well.  The first one that I bought refurbished was an Apple Macbook – one of the first Intel laptops that Apple made.  In fact I still have that one, and it actually works relatively well.  The main things that went wrong on this one were the optical drive stopped working shortly after I got it, and then the battery stopped holding a charge some time after that.  This one also started to get case problems and it started to fall apart in some areas.

So why did I buy another refurbished laptop?  Well there is only one reason – price. But isn’t it worth it to spend a little more to get a better product that will last much longer.  Well in my experience, no.  Even when I get brand new laptops they don’t seem to last very long.  I have a Lenovo Ideabook that I bought brand new a few years ago that I really liked when it was brand new and worked perfectly, but that did not last very long.  Soon it started to have case problems as well that I had to fix with my ghetto superglue method for it to not fall apart, but eventually the trackpad and keyboard stopped working altogether.  And for some reason external keyboards don’t work either.

I can go on and on about all the laptops that I have had over the years and how the cases start to fall apart and then they are usually relegated to live on my desk until they are completely obsolete and retired or are used for some wacky project of mine.  For example, right now I am using my phone for my main internet connection at home by using a program to tether it to an old laptop via USB and then bridging that connection to my WiFi router in order to share the connection throughout my entire house.  The point is, though, that I use my laptops for what they are made for, and with the new laptops that are made to be super thin and light and not to be strong and sturdy – basically made for form over function – they don’t last long at all.  I like to bring my laptop with me to work on the go, whether its on the bus or at Starbucks, at the library or at the park, I just like to have variety and work in different locales.  And because of this, taking the computers with me and throwing them in a backpack, having them bump around on the journey to and from the location in question.

So I have just accepted the fact that my laptops don’t really last very long with me.  If I want to use it then it will get wear and tear and won’t last.  But now I finally have a place where I have more room again to where I can get a desktop computer – something that I have not had in quite some time.  That is the reason that I have had to use my laptops so much.  Before I was just able to have a laptop that I used only occasionally and use the desktop most of the time.  But then when I moved into a place with roommates I did not have room for a desktop PC as well and I had to use laptops for my main computer.  So hopefully now I can save up some money and build a PC that will allow my laptop to remain in good condition for longer since I won’t have to use it as much.  For this reason I bought a cheaper laptop in order to save money so I can have more to spend on my PC build.  Hopefully it works out and in a few months I’ll still have a nice working laptop as well as an awesome desktop PC!  Here’s hoping!