Announcing PayYour.Rent – A Whole New Way For Tenants to Pay Their Landlords

My friend, Jeff Bailey, and I have recently announced the launch of our latest project that we are working on together – PayYour.Rent, a revolutionary new way to connect tenants and landlords to pay their rent and communicate.  Think of it as a social media platform for landlords and tenants to connect, allowing payment of monthly rent and other fees as well as providing a channel of communication for both parties.  It simplifies the entire payment process for monthly rent as well as paying deposits, utilities, home-owners association fees and much more.  Payments can also be scheduled to remove any chances of late payments.  And if a payment does happen to be late, the PayYour.Rent platform will automatically notify the tenants and any late fees are automatically added.  That means that landlords no longer have to waste time collecting payments, contacting tenants if they are late, and having to add late fees when payments are late.  And tenants don’t have to worry about forgetting about paying rent because they can schedule auto payments or have the platform remind them of when payments are due.  It’s a win-win situation for both parties that will save them both time and headache.

In addition to facilitating payments, PayYour.Rent also allows tenants and landlords to communicate and share documents.  Documents such as rental agreements and liability waivers can be saved on the PayYour.Rent platform to allow both parties to view them at any time so that there are never any questions about what said documents contain.  Tenants and landlords can also communicate on record, which protects them both in case anything happens.  If the tenant has a need for any repairs, they can do so within the platform, and the landlords can schedule any needed repairs.  Other things can be scheduled, like annual walk-throughs or regular maintenance so both parties can easily enter what times and dates are available and an amicable time can be easily selected.  And if things go bad and the landlord needs to evict the tenants, all communications are on record as well as exact dates of payments and the terms of the rental agreement so there is no chance for any discrepancies.

So whether you are a landlord who wishes to streamline their rental payment collection process, or you are a tenant who wants to be able to pay their rent quickly and easily online, check out PayYour.Rent today.  Don’t keep writing checks or having to get money-orders.  Don’t manually call each tenant every month to see if they have the rent money and have to schedule a time and place to pick up payment.  Bring your rental payment process into 2018 with PayYour.Rent!

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