Best and Worst New Domain Name Extensions

When people think of a website name, they automatically think of the .com suffix and that is historically the standard domain name extension which is also known as a TLD, which stands for top level domain, for commercial websites – in fact, the ‘com’ in .com stands for commercial.  There has always been other TLDs used as domain extensions, including .org which was originally intended for non profit organizations, .edu for educational institutes, and .net for internet service providers and other computer networks, as well as the strictly limited .int for internet agencies, .gov for US government agencies, and .mil for US military agencies.  Other countries have their own domain name extensions, such as for the United Kingdom, .ca for Canada, .mx for Mexico, .it for Italy, and .ru for Russia.  Creative use of country TLDs has caused many to be commonly used for other sites not from those specific countries, such as .tv (Tuvalu), .ai (Anguilla), .am (Armenia), .fm (Federated States of Micronesia), .io (British Indian Ocean Territory), and .me (Montenegro) come into common use.  But by far the most commonly used TLD is .com and up until recently there hasn’t been any choice besides the original and country specific TLDs, meaning if you wanted a new domain name you had a pretty small amount of choices since most good .com names were already taken.  But recently ICANN, the organization responsible for doling out domain names, has allowed for the creation of many more domain name extensions which opens the floodgates for all kinds of domain names.

Among the choices available for the domain name extensions when creating a new domain name are those such as .deals, .bio, .cheap, .discount, and .online which can be used for many different types of organizations in many different fields.  There are also those that can be used by individuals and organizations in certain industries such as .art, .band, .cars, .fitness, .clothing, .movie, .healthcare, .lawyer, etc.  And domain extensions like .associates, .company,, .partners, .productions, and .ventures can be used by organizations in any industry so they can get a personalized domain name to match their organization’s name.  TLDs such as .kyoto, .london, .vegas, .kiwi, .barcelona, .berlin, and .quebec are among the new domain extensions that can be used for sites for businesses in a certain geographic region.  There are also TLDs like .cool, .xyz, .blue, .fyi, .wtf, .ninja, and more that can be used for all kinds of purposes.  But what are the domain extensions that are the best and worst of the new TLDs?

Among the new domain name extensions that are likely to be used the most are ones like .clothing, .games, etc. that pertain to a certain industry and those like .partners, .company, etc. that are for a certain type of organization.  Some of the new TLDs that I think are pretty neat that might allow for creative domain names include those such as .exposed, .news, .guide, .ist, .live, .life, .buzz, .ink, etc.  I also think that domain extensions that lend themselves well to sites of a certain nature are those such as .vote, .chat, .webcam, .auction, etc.  There are also those new extensions that are good for personal websites, such as .guru, .ceo, .mba, .vip, and .pro.  Politicians will likely make wide use of the new extensions .vote, .republican, democrate, .red, and .blue. One set of new domain name extensions that I believe were very necessary and will be widely used are those that denote adult sites, such as .porn, .xxx, and .adult.  The use of these adult domain extensions allow for more effective content filtering based solely on a sites domain name.  Of course it won’t apply to older, already established adult sites, but if all new adult sites had a .xxx, .porn, .sex, .adult, or similar extension in their domain name it would make it easier to block new sites coming into existence.  And of course there are new extensions that are intended to be a catch-all for any type of website of any organization in any industry to be used instead of the standard .com extension.  Examples of this are .website, .internet, .one, .earth, and .site.

But there are many new domain name extensions that I think will rarely be used.  Most of these are just bad and don’t lend themselves to good, memorable domain names.  Among the new extensions I find odd are those with the names of colors like .blue, .pink, .red, etc. with the exceptions of .red and .blue which could be used for politicians and political organizations depending on their party affiliation, as well as .gold which could be used for jewelry and precious metal sites or  organizations with the word gold in their name, and .black which could be used in some creative ways for sites that are related to black and African American subjects.  A few domain extensions that I think are so targeted that I can’t see many organizations wanting to use are those like .vodka, .taxi, .cards, .surf, etc.  And there are some new extensions that I think are just dumb or don’t really make sense as domain name extensions that I don’t see much use for, such as .cool, .xyz, .bingo, .codes, .desi, .earth, .fail, .glass, .horse, .kim, and .best.

However dumb the domain extensions in the previous paragraph may be, there are some that will get much less use.  Those are the new extensions that are just outrageously expensive that nobody will want to use them, no matter how catchy they may be.  For reference, a normal .com domain name is usually under $20 per year to register.  Some of the new domain names are more expensive in comparison, but will still probably be used by companies in that industry, such as .casino ($199.99), .doctor ($129.99), .credit ($129.99), .creditcard ($199.99).  Some sites that aren’t an arm and a leg but I still see the price being a factor that causes not many sites to use that specific TLD are .fans ($99.99), .film ($119.99), .host ($129.99), .tires ($129.99), .energy ($129.99), .bingo ($69.99), .best ($129.99), .build ($99.99), .ceo ($129.99).  Among the most expensive new TLDs that I can’t see any organization, no matter how big, using are .auto ($2,799.99), .car ($3,999.99), .cars ($3,999.99), .luxury ($799.99), .movie ($399.99), .security ($3,999.99), .theatre ($999.99 – .theater on the other hand is only $69.99), and .protection ($3,999.99).  I don’t see any company wanting a .protection or .security domain name enough to pay $4,000 each year just for the domain name!

Only time will tell how popular these domain names will come. Will people start to realize that there are many more domain name extensions than just .com and .net and if when they see something like or that it is a website just the same as when they see  I hope they start to take off because we need more domain names than the .com TLD allows, but the prices on some of them are just outrageous.

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