Building the Cottonwood Cove Houses

A few years back my dad and his business partner bought up a large lot of land and went on to build 9 houses on it.  It took a while to get though planning and approval because our city has a ‘No Growth’ policy in place that only allows a few new houses to be built every year.  You see, we live in a pretty small city on the outskirts of Las Vegas and they don’t want it do be over come with people trying to get away from the big city.  Our small town is nice and quiet and they want to keep it that way.  Because of this it is hard for those who do want to build to get approved.

But shortly after the approval did happen, they broke ground and the houses started to go up.  I helped my dad do many of the smaller, more menial tasks, as well as being around to see him do a lot of the more important things so I learned a lot of things about construction and real estate.  I helped him do things like doing the low voltage wiring and helping him decide on some of the design issues that he was unsure about.  He wanted these homes to have the ability to have custom home entertainment packages and high speed data run throughout the house.  As such I designed and ran the wiring set up for all the houses to include surround sound and HDTV wiring built in to all the houses so the buyers could have the option to have them terminated and connected or even have an entire home entertainment package installed for an additional fee.  Also when the houses were done being built I created a website and flyers for the advertisement and sale of them.

Here are a few pictures that I took during construction and after they were built for the website and flyers.


New Homes for Sale Banner
New Homes For Sale Banner for the Cottonwood Cove homes.
New Homes Sign for Cottonwood Cove Houses
New Homes Sign for Cottonwood Cove Houses
Cottonwood Cove Entryway
A view of the entryway in one of the homes at Cottonwood Cove.
Cottonwood Cove Kiten
A view of the Cottonwood Cove kitchen with light colored counters.
Living room at Cottonwood Cove
Cottonwood Cove living room with home entertainment system
All the Cottonwood Cove houses
A view of all the houses on Cottonwood Cove
House on Cottonwood Cove
One of the houses on Cottonwood Cove

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