Announcing PayYour.Rent – A Whole New Way For Tenants to Pay Their Landlords

PayYour.Rent Web Site Screenshot

My friend, Jeff Bailey, and I have recently announced the launch of our latest project that we are working on together – PayYour.Rent, a revolutionary new way to connect tenants and landlords to pay their rent and communicate.  Think of it as a social media platform for landlords and tenants to connect, allowing payment of monthly rent and other fees as well as providing a channel of communication for both parties.  It simplifies the entire payment process for monthly rent as well as paying deposits, utilities, home-owners association fees and much more.  Payments can also be scheduled to remove any chances of late payments.  And if a payment does happen to be late, the PayYour.Rent platform will automatically notify the tenants and any late fees are automatically added.  That means that landlords no longer have to waste time collecting payments, contacting tenants if they are late, and having to add late fees when payments are late.  And tenants don’t have to worry about forgetting about paying rent because they can schedule auto payments or have the platform remind them of when payments are due.  It’s a win-win situation for both parties that will save them both time and headache.

In addition to facilitating payments, PayYour.Rent also allows tenants and landlords to communicate and share documents.  Documents such as rental agreements and liability waivers can be saved on the PayYour.Rent platform to allow both parties to view them at any time so that there are never any questions about what said documents contain.  Tenants and landlords can also communicate on record, which protects them both in case anything happens.  If the tenant has a need for any repairs, they can do so within the platform, and the landlords can schedule any needed repairs.  Other things can be scheduled, like annual walk-throughs or regular maintenance so both parties can easily enter what times and dates are available and an amicable time can be easily selected.  And if things go bad and the landlord needs to evict the tenants, all communications are on record as well as exact dates of payments and the terms of the rental agreement so there is no chance for any discrepancies.

So whether you are a landlord who wishes to streamline their rental payment collection process, or you are a tenant who wants to be able to pay their rent quickly and easily online, check out PayYour.Rent today.  Don’t keep writing checks or having to get money-orders.  Don’t manually call each tenant every month to see if they have the rent money and have to schedule a time and place to pick up payment.  Bring your rental payment process into 2018 with PayYour.Rent!

My Dog News and Information Blog

Jared and his dog

I do not have kids, so I treat my dogs like they are my children. And as such I love them very very much and want them to be the healthiest, happiest dogs ioDn the world.  And because of this, I am constantly reading all kinds of information about dogs and am always interested when a news story appears about the canine world.  So in order to help keep myself and others on top of the latest dog related news, I have created a new dog news blog all about dog related news and other dog information.  The blog contains news stories about dog health, food and nutrition, food and toy recalls and other safety information, courageous and heart wrenching dog news stories, dog and animal charity information and events, and everything else dog related that crosses my path and is blog worthy.  So if you are also interested in any dog news or other dog related information, please come check out my new Dog News and Information Blog now!

Electric Vehicles News and Information Blog

As two of my interests are cars and electronics, it makes perfect sense that I would be into electric powered vehicles.  So because of my interest in electric cars, I have created a new electric vehicle blog to showcase information, news, and how-to’s related to the electric vehicle scene.  One day I plan to start building my own electric vehicle and I want to include posts on how others can convert their own cars to electric power and if or when I do begin my own build I will start to write posts to document the entire project.  But until then, on my new EV blog I will write on the current news of the electric vehicle world, reviews of electric cars, how to’s and do-it-yourself guides for everything from maintaining your electric car to converting a gas vehicle to all electric.  So for all your electric vehicle needs, check out Jared’s Electric Vehicle Blog.

New Site Launched – Dude Reviews and News

I have just launched another site, a reviews and news site for men that I call Dude Reviews and News.  For all the reviews and news that’s fit for dudes, then check out the site.  It will have all the latest news and awesome reviews of lots of cool dude related products to let you know if they are dude worthy or not.  So come and check out my new site, Dude Reviews and News, I would like to think that The Big Lebowski would be proud.

Adjustable Height Suspension Systems Site Launch

My newest site that I’m working on is called Adjustable Height Suspension Systems which describes and helps you find parts for adjustable height suspension systems such as air bags, hydraulics, coil-overs, and a lot more.  If you are interested or looking for an adjustable height suspension system this is a great site to visit so check it out.

Mr Robot Theories and Thoughts

This is about my site Mr Robot Theories.  It is a commentary about the hit show Mr. Robot on USA.  Now I am not a huge fan of TV programs and rarely watch each episode as it comes out and focus on the story-lines so closely as I do with this show, but Mr. Robot is a show that resonates with me in many ways.  I think that this show has a little bit of it that a lot of people can relate to but for myself in particular there are many things that parallel my life and the main character’s.

Now I don’t have a split personality problem with my deceased father being my other half and I haven’t performed a hack that practically erupted the world’s economy, but other than that I feel that just about every other thing about Elliot’s life is on par with my own.  Now I said just ‘about’ every thing meaning almost everything but not quite, so don’t try and read between the lines. LOL.

Elliot is someone who is bored with his day to day existence and wishes he could change the world.  He hates how corporations basically own us and wants to do something about it.  So he organizes a group of fellow hackers to perpetrate a hack that will knock out one of the largest corporations in the world and as a side effect will basically change everybody’s credit history to a blank slate.  But once this happens the world is a totally different place than he thought it would be.  Elliot must cope with the fallout of his little plan as well as deal with everything else going on in his life.

Now I feel very attached to Elliot, the main antagonist, as well as how he sees the world.  I have experienced a lot of what he goes through and I feel a lot of the ways he does.  But I also think that this is a good show all around and that everyone should watch it.  Even if you aren’t a hacker who wishes he could change the state of the world we live in, the show is filled with interesting characters and involves many plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat and keep coming back for more.  There are tons of things that aren’t said outright and the viewer must come to the conclusion on his own in many instances.  Sure some times they will eventually spell it out to those who haven’t paid close enough attention but that is why I love to watch the show again and again, to catch those small little clues that build up to tell us what is really going on.  It is those little clues that drove me to create this site.

Every week I was so shocked and in a state of surprise at what the show has revealed to me as well as what it left unsaid.  So many questions arise every single episode that it is almost unbearable to wait 7 days to see the conclusion.  And then when you watch it, more questions just keep coming in, flowing into your head like a river of Elliot’s thoughts and words.  I created the site Mr. Robot Theories to quench my thirst for answers and hopefully people will offer their theories and thoughts about the show as well.  I will write whatever I think may be going on but keep in mind that it may not be all cohesive and that it may not be exclusive either.  I may have a few different theories about what happened or maybe one theory doesn’t exactly jive with another.  That is what this site is about though, open interaction and expression of our thoughts.  I want people to tell me what they think, if they think I’m nuts or they agree, or if they are somewhere in the middle of the whole thing.  But whatever you think, please visit the site and let me know.  Because we can only rewatch the show so many times and what else are we going to do between episodes and seasons?

So if you are a fan of the show Mr. Robot or just want to know what I’m rambling on about, please visit my site all about Mr. Robot, entitled Mr. Robot Theories.

Relaunch of Homepage

I have recently relaunched the homepage of to use a new CMS.  I was previously using Drupal and found it too cumbersome and hard to use.  I didn’t like how obtuse it was and how it was so complicated to perform simple tasks and it was not organized very well for new users to get acquainted with the system.  I believe that it is a very powerful script and that it could be of great use to me in the future but for now I just want to be able to get all my sites up and running and write content for them as easily as possible and have them somewhat standard as to how I create and manage them.  I don’t want to divulge too much information on what CMS and plugins I run because of security concerns and for now I haven’t yet completely decided on what I will run across all my sites for various purposes.  I am still experimenting with different CMS platforms, plug ins, and third party services and I will comment on them in the future.  So for now go to for my main website that has a list of all my sites, apps, and select clients.

Las Vegas News and Information Blog

Since I was born and raised in the City of Sin, it has come to fascinate me.  As such I have recently created a new blog site that will allow myself as well as others to keep up on the latest news and information about the city.  I feel like I am a great person to provide this news as I am in the city everyday as I live and thrive in it.  I can tell the locals as well as the visitors the latest news as it happens and will continue to do so as my continued interest in the city grows and as I take on and complete more and more projects related to Las Vegas, the city that raised me.

If you would like to keep up on the latest Las Vegas related news, visit my new news blog and site,

Salad Fingers Theories

For the past few weeks and months I have somehow been mesmerized by this strange series of cartoon videos online that goes by the name Salad Fingers.  It is so strange and odd to me that I have spent hours trying to figure out what exactly the meaning behind the videos are.  I have come across some talk on the internet and watched the entire series of videos over and over again in order to try and get a hold on this strange cartoon.

So in order to catalog and document some of the more popular beliefs as well as the ones that I feel are the most plausible, I have created a website that will allow people to comment on what they think about my conclusions.  If you wish to talk about the strange Salad Fingers videos, please visit my new site,