My Background Check Is WRONG

So I was just doing checking out some of the stuff about me online, doing a simple search for my name, and I came across some sites that sell background checks.  I don’t want to give their names because I don’t want to promote them and I think its funny that the info is wrong and I don’t care if they change it.  But you would think that at least the basic publicly available information would be correct, right?  Well not in my case.

Among the information available is date of birth, and my name had a big fat check mark next to it meaning they know exactly when I was born.  But the funny thing is that they are way off on my age.  Not 1 year or even 10 years which would be an easy mistake.  No, they say that I am 80 years old!  I know what you’re thinking, ‘Oh its probably just some other person with the same name.’  But they listed my home town and my relative’s names so it must be the right Jared Connell.  I don’t know what date of birth they have on file or where it came from but it is way off.  The funny thing is that they listed my parents names, and if they know they are my parents, how the hell can I be older than both my parents?  It is an obvious flaw but nobody will ever notice or care to change it.  And my age was listed as 80 years old on more than one background check site so they obviously got the info from the same place.  Either that or one site stole the information from the other.

Not only that but other information was totally wrong.  Like I said, I don’t know where they get the info they sell but it definitely isn’t all correct.  Yes some of it is right, and it is a little scary seeing what they know about you and what somebody can get on you if they have a little free time or some money.  But the point is that not everything is correct.  I noticed that some of the information they have on me was wrong, and all from the stuff they give out for free, before they try and lure you in to pay for more info.  So whether you are looking for someone’s information or trying to pay for a background check be warned that it isn’t all true.  If they can’t even get my age right, what else did they get wrong?  What other information are they spreading about me that is totally false but the people who pay for their services will automatically believe.  Who knows what a prospective employer or somebody else might end up seeing.  Imagine someone with your same name has some bad information that ends up in your report.  All it takes is one slip up and your employer thinks your a convicted rapist and you end up being fired and you don’t know why.  Or maybe you end up in the list of suspects for another crime because of something that another person with the same name did.  The worst thing about the whole thing is that you can’t even enter the correct information even if you wanted to.

I know someone who was looking for information on a person recently.  I can’t remember if they had the phone number and wanted their name, or vice-versa, but they asked me if they should pay for one of these types of background checks. I said that they don’t know if it’s even the right person and not to waste the money.  Especially when you’re dealing with phone numbers.  Nowadays we can take our phone numbers to a new phone company so we can keep the same number even if we switch carriers.  But in the past this wasn’t possible and people’s numbers changed all the time.  One time I had a number I really liked because the last 4 digits spelled something funny and it was an easy way to get people to remember my number so I kept that one for a while.  But eventually I got a new one and let that one go.  Now nobody even knows anybody’s phone number anyways, you just text them once and you’re saved in their phone forever.  Sometimes it’s even good to get a new phone number, maybe you have bills you haven’t paid or a vindictive ex and you want to cut ties.  I personally can’t even remember how many different phone numbers I have had in my life.  The number has to be at least a dozen.  Case in point, the number that the background check had for me hasn’t been in use for at least 10 or 15 years!

So the moral of the story is: don’t trust everything you see on the internet.  Even if it seems like a reputable source they can easily get something wrong and although it may seem trivial to say that I am 80 and easily recognizable as incorrect, other information may not be so easily noticed and will automatically be deemed to be the truth.

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