Relaunch of Homepage

I have recently relaunched the homepage of to use a new CMS.  I was previously using Drupal and found it too cumbersome and hard to use.  I didn’t like how obtuse it was and how it was so complicated to perform simple tasks and it was not organized very well for new users to get acquainted with the system.  I believe that it is a very powerful script and that it could be of great use to me in the future but for now I just want to be able to get all my sites up and running and write content for them as easily as possible and have them somewhat standard as to how I create and manage them.  I don’t want to divulge too much information on what CMS and plugins I run because of security concerns and for now I haven’t yet completely decided on what I will run across all my sites for various purposes.  I am still experimenting with different CMS platforms, plug ins, and third party services and I will comment on them in the future.  So for now go to for my main website that has a list of all my sites, apps, and select clients.

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