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Photos From My College Graduation

It has been exactly 10 years since I graduated from ITT Technical Institute.  I received my BS degree in Information Security – basically anti-hacker training  (or hacker training depending on whether you are white-hat or black-hat).  Here are some photos from my graduation ceremony and celebration dinner later that night.   Since it is now

New Site Launched – Dude Reviews and News

I have just launched another site, a reviews and news site for men that I call Dude Reviews and News.  For all the reviews and news that’s fit for dudes, then check out the site.  It will have all the latest news and awesome reviews of lots of cool dude related products to let you

Mr Robot Theories and Thoughts

This is about my site Mr Robot Theories.  It is a commentary about the hit show Mr. Robot on USA.  Now I am not a huge fan of TV programs and rarely watch each episode as it comes out and focus on the story-lines so closely as I do with this show, but Mr. Robot

New Photo Gallery of Jared

I have created a new photo gallery of myself at my main site JaredConnell.com.  They include pictures of me with my friends, my family, my girlfriend, and even some selfies with just myself.  So please check them out, you can view the pictures of Jared Connell here.

Las Vegas News and Information Blog

Since I was born and raised in the City of Sin, it has come to fascinate me.  As such I have recently created a new blog site that will allow myself as well as others to keep up on the latest news and information about the city.  I feel like I am a great person

Jared Connell’s Twitter Name

Although I don’t tweet as often as I post to other social networking sites, I still use Twitter sometimes.  My twitter name is @connell_jared so please go ahead and add me.  I don’t really know that many people who use Twitter so I mainly use it to follow people and brands that I like and

Jared Connell’s Facebook

If you want to find me on Facebook, my name is jaredjconnell.  Just click that link and be taken to my profile.  I keep my posts private and I don’t accept all friend requests.  Well if your a hot chick I’ll probably accept it.  Hell, who am I kidding, of course I will.  LOL  Don’t